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We are commitment in helping the Federal government alleviate poverty in Nigeria!



Prince Nwankwo: YALI Ambassador & Green Champion

Lecturer:  Department of Computer Engineering (Federal Polytechnic, Oko – Anambra state, Nigeria)

CEO: Prince Tech Global Ventures Ltd

Founder: Prince Technology and Community Development Foundation

One of the Nigerian Representatives in 6th Global Entrepreneurship Submit, Kenya (with President Barack Obama)

” The poor lack sleep due to lack of basic amenities, the rich lack sleep because the poor are awake; but at Prince Tech. Foundation, we lack sleep because we are in search of sustainable and innovation solutions to achieve a positive, lasting and meaningful contributions in the lives of those we serve” – Prince Nwankwo!

Main Objective of the project:

To be a catalyst for providing emerging Young Nigerian Leaders (Next generation of Nigerian leaders) with the required leadership skills, professional development, mentorship, and cutting edge information to provoke new ideas, inspire actionable results, and spur/spark their minds towards crossing barriers and daring on to achieve outstanding feats in their various endeavours and be the ambassador of change they want to see in our generation.

With total commitment to our vision statement: we are building a strong workforces to inspire undergraduate students in Nigeria to;

 – Master opinion by rising up like fire and burning out their self – doubts.

 – Reach out to claim the future for Africa!

 – Ensure that “Africa Rising” is not a mere rhetoric but a present hour reality!


In a world where one out of every four Africans is a Nigerian, where in fact one out of every eight black persons globally is a Nigerian, it is worth saying that the answers which Nigerians goes around the world seeking from Europe to Asia are in the hands of Nigerians themselves. Nigeria has more human resources than most developed nations, but has not started to harness them; also since we have failed to define ourselves in the global community, others have stepped in to define us and the picture they are painting is not pretty – but at Prince Tech. Foundation; we reject us picture(s)!

Our forefathers were not educated, but they were able to survive because they never relied on education or the government to provide everything for them (as we do today). This made them innovation. To tackle unemployment, it is about going back to the basics. Youths need to be creative, innovative, and think outside the box.

If not us, who?

If not now, when?

At Prince Tech. Foundation:

We are passionate about seeking new perspectives, addressing long-term unemployment, and rewriting the African story using BEST approach: Business, Entrepreneurship, Science and Technology! thus; the need for undergraduate students in Nigeria to embark on a voyage of concerted self development and discovery: nurturing of the head, training of the hand and building of the mind.



prince6                 Undergraduate Students producing Candle during ST – FIA Outreach Programme

prince7 Candle sticks produced during the Spark the Fire Outreach programme

Lack of proper Entrepreneurship Education – The greatest evil done to the younger generation!

Why are there so many young unemployed people roaming the streets of Nigeria?

It is because our educational system does not incorporate practical entrepreneurship education to a significant level in the curriculum.

Our educational system does not teach people (early enough) the value of owing a business of their own and how to nurture the business to success through apprenticeship with successful small business owners. This is one of the greatest evil, one of the greatest disservices done to the younger generation. People go to school with the understanding that when they graduate, they will get a well-paying white collar job in oil Company, Telecommunication Company, Bank, etc.



A careful look on the current state of affairs in Nigeria reveals that we are in a 21st   century economy with 19th century education system. A system whereby much emphasis is still placed on the conventional classroom environment with much reverence for academic meal ticket popularly called certificate. These graduates who in most case are trained to be job seeker as evidenced in the present high unemployment rate in the county.

Wealth and a high majority of jobs are created by small businesses started by entrepreneurial minded individuals, many of whom go on to create big businesses. People exposed to entrepreneurship frequently express that they have more opportunity to exercise creative freedoms, higher self esteem, and an overall greater sense of control over their own lives. As a result, many experienced business people, political leaders, economists, and educators believe that fostering a robust entrepreneurial culture will maximize individual and collective economic and social success on a local, national, and global scale.

In Nigeria, the high rate of unemployment and lack of job opportunities have resulted in the alarming increase in crime rate, prostitution, robbery, kidnapping, etc.

With all these problems, it became imperative to develop a holistic approach whereby undergraduate students in Nigeria will learn one or more skills in order to be self-reliance after graduation; instead of aimlessly waiting for white collar jobs which are not forthcoming!

This will also guarantee that no matter how far they are able to advance their education or where they found themselves after graduation; they have the basic tools or skills for success in life.

Motivated to be a solution provider; rather than part of the problem to be solved, provoked by such atrocious observation, driven by the passion to take action, determined to rebuild; restore and achieve our nation’s liberation and social emancipation, we swung into action and conceptualized the project: Spark the Fire in Africa (ST – FIA ) Outreach Project in 2013.

Spark the Fire in Africa (ST – FIA) Outreach Project was first executed in Federal Polytechnic, Oko in 2013; in partnership with School of Entrepreneurship Studies (Federal Polytechnic, Oko) and had direct impact on over 800 students of the institution.

From 2013- Date, over 6500 Nigerian undergraduates had been empowered with our biannual empowerment program (ST – FIA) Outreach project. Over 350 Nigerian undergraduates across the country have started their own small scale business as a result of our (ST – FIA) Outreach project, thus; addressing long-term unemployment ravaging the country. Over 80 small businesses started by these students have been expanded structurally with over 25% growth financially.





In line with the need of our target audience, we empowered them with specialized skills of bag and purse making (with bead), candle production, kitting, cake making, leather slippers/sandal, Oil and emulsion paint, beverages, electrical and electronics maintenance and repairs, tie and dye clothes, Tea, antiseptics, car wash, CCTV installation, bead flower vase, power amplifier, block laying, interlocking, among others.  After the empowerment program by Prince Tech. Foundation; the students exhibited their respective projects at the last day of the event. Prince encouraged the students to foster a robust entrepreneurship culture and embrace entrepreneurship for economic growth and development.

This wonderful package from Prince Tech. Foundation has planted the seed of hope in a land of despair and put smiles on the faces of Nigerian undergraduates, who before now depend on their parents and guidance to provide everything for them. Today, some of the students that have benefited from our Outreach project  (ST – FIA)  makes an average of $10 daily, thus; engaging the youths positively, making our society more peaceful, tackling long-term unemployment, and alleviating poverty in Nigeria.

The (ST – FIA) Outreach project have had direct impact on over 6500 Nigerian undergraduates since its inception in 2013; by sensitizing, educating and empowering them to start their own business and make a difference in their community; while achieving financial freedom, that also lead to poverty alleviation in the country.

We aim to have direct impact on over 3.8 million students (Nigerian undergraduates) with Spark the Fire in Africa Outreach project before the end of the year 2025, and yes; we can! Why? Because we have the persistence to do what it takes to achieve the results we seek (shifting gears, changing methods and mindsets to address long-term unemployment ravaging the country).

By the year 2025, we must have covered the whole Federal tertiary institutions in Nigeria with our  Outreach project. We hope to build a prestigious network of over 20 million young leaders, inventors, trailblazers, and entrepreneurs with  Spark the Fire in Africa Outreach project .

Although it will not be an easy task; but the willingness to try, fail and learn on the journey toward creating something new is just as critical as the passion to succeed. Everything we do at Prince Tech. Foundation is born from the ability to see opportunity in every calamity (see potential where others see none).







Being an entrepreneur is not necessarily about having a brand new idea for a product or service. It is about approaching any business, product or service through innovative eyes. It is about trying to solve problems for your customers that they do not even know they have, this could be through improving and changing a traditional business model, or through developing something completely out of the box. Being an entrepreneur is also about being the type of leader that can inspire everyone around you (whether they are clients, prospects, staff, the media, friends, family, bankers, investors) to believe in your dream, and to get on board without hesitation. It is end to end, from ideas, to implementation, to innovation of the original idea and back.




 For over 12 years, Prince Tech. Foundation has focused on empowering over 25, 000 youths, men/women and physical challenged patients with life changing projects and skills that let them discover their own potential and prosper in an increasingly competitive global economy; while tackling long-term unemployment, big standing assumptions and other challenges of the world!

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