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Best Sustainable and Innovative Energy Solutions in 2015 Science and Technology Exhibition Week





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Prince Tech. Foundation: determined, committed and working hard (for the past 12 years) in helping the federal government alleviate poverty in Nigeria



web5‘‘ The poor lack sleep due to lack of basic amenities; the rich lack sleep because the poor are awake, but at Prince Tech. Foundation; we lack sleep because the poor and the rich are in search of sustainable and innovative solutions’’ – Prince

‘‘I can not change you neither can you change me; but together we can synergy to make Africa one of the better continents in the world’’ – Prince

‘‘Although one tree cannot make a forest, but one tree can start a forest; I stand out today as that  tree that will start this forest in Africa and encourage other youths of African countries to join me in this great task, for our case is urgent’’ – Prince 

 ‘‘My uncanny knack to work until my work works, my weird ability to turn ideas into projects and projects into serial success by uniting a team around a vision and motivating them to excellence has helped me drive my objectives to the end point of result’’ – Prince

“Any entrepreneur that dreams to be successful must have four eyes; two eyes for seeing what an ordinary person could see, and the other two eyes for locating boundless business opportunities that scattered along life’s highways, which may not be noticeable to an ordinary person” – Prince.



Science and Technology is the lifeblood of the modern world. It is also a paramount importance for a modern industrialized economy. The direct link between science, technology and the economic output of Nigeria makes it critical that we think outside importation and look inside indigenous technology. For each day we ignore this, we elongate our ability to catch up with the rest of the world.



web3For example, Nigeria has become a dumping ground for all manner of sub-standard generating sets, apart from being one of the highest importers of generating sets in the world to  the tune  of  over N17.9 billion  annually.

Does it sound like a surprise to you that; Nigeria currently has over 60 million generators at the ratio of one per household of 2.5 people with annual spending of over N1.6 trillion? It is disheartening that Nigeria with her teeming population of over 160 million has a total installed capacity of less than 4000 megawatts which is well below what is being consumed by a city like Dallas in United States (which implies that every Nigerian is entitled to only about 25watts of electricity per hour). As a result of that; most households and businesses have resorted to private fossil fuel generating sets as their main supply and PHCN as secondary instead of the other way round.  The implication on the economy cannot be over exaggerated as it is taking its toll in various circle of the economy. Service and product providers are forced to charge higher to meet the high cost of production. This leads to gradual loss of patronage resulting in multiple loss and eventual closure of business. The end product is massive job losses and hardship in the country, including other economic, social and environmental problems.

Science, Technology and Innovation are necessary ingredients for national development. Youth unemployment has been steering the country on the face but could be curbed if Science, Technology and Innovation are harnessed to develop a critical mass of skilled manpower that will be the catalyst for job and wealth creation. As the world has become a global village, there has been an increasing need to strengthen and reinvigorate science, technology and innovation as vital instruments for job and wealth creation in Nigeria.



The only thing we are talking about today in Nigeria is crude Oil, that is wonderful; but does this not sound like putting all our eyes in one breakable calabash? What happens if the calabash drops and all the eggs get broken? That will be disastrous indeed. Technology is the inexhaustible oil wealth of the future. Nigeria as a nation has no choice than to imbibe technology and make it a way of life. Nigeria has more human resources than most developed nations, but has not started to harness them, also since we have failed to define ourselves in the global economy, others have stepped in to define us and the picture they are painting is not pretty.

Provoked by such atrocious observation, motivated to take action, and  determined to rebuild; restore and achieve our nation’s liberation and social emancipation, I brainstormed for over 720 hours and launched the concept:   ‘‘TEEM – SC Outreach Project (under Prince Tech. Foundation) geared towards  sensitizing, motivating and spurring  the minds of Nigerians to pursue a career in science and share their knowledge of Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics, Science and Computer (TEEM – SC) subjects.  Our outreach project are spurring and sparking the minds of Nigerian to becoming practical oriented and much more innovative thereby driving technological advancement in Nigeria to the end point of result. We are impacting the lives of Nigerians by helping them learn about technology through hands-on projects, and by sharing our excitement for TEEM – SC subjects. We provide them with an opportunity to engage in a challenging and rewarding career path; thereby building a community of young scientists who would venture into technological research under close supervision by science professionals from Prince Tech. Foundation.  We are directly affecting the next generation of technology professionals by volunteering our time, effort, knowledge, skills and talents. We make the greatest impact on engineering students, science scholars and science inclined persons by mentoring and offering the chance to engage in hands-on projects.

We have empowered over 4500 Nigerians with our  TEEM – SC Outreach Project and hope to build a community of over 20,000 young scientists who would  deliver Nigeria from being a technology consumer nation to a globally recognized technology giant before the year 2020, and over 200, 000 Young African Scientist before the end of the year 2025 and yes we can! This will be our own little contribution in helping the federal government alleviate poverty in Nigeria (Africa); using our  TEEM – SC Outreach Project.

The project will go a long way in uplifting the standard of education and stimulate interest in science-related courses which is presently dwindling, thereby reducing the country’s extreme dependence on the use of imported and oftentimes substandard products.



I urge the Federal government to lay more emphasis on the development of science and technology in Nigeria. This is because; no nation can be economically and socio-politically independent without scientific and technological self-reliance.

With this kind of enthusiasm, dedication, commitment and professionalism exhibited by the chief executive Prince Tech. Foundation (Nwankwo Prince), Nigerians should get ready soon to witness the kind of technology revolution that took place in China, Korea and some other developed countries.


My major focus is to continue working hard, with total commitment to my vision statement and lip-frog (catapult) Nigeria from being a technology consumer nation to a globally recognized technology giant before the year 2025.

For over 12 years, Prince Tech. Foundation has focused on empowering people with life changing projects/skills that let them discover their own potential and change their communities, geared towards making Africa one of the best continents in the world.

Some of our Innovations/Designs:

1. Prince Self – Powered Generator with SMS facility (a generator that does not run on fossil fuel with SMS facility).

2. SMS/GSM control Truck (The most Innovative project in 2012 National Science & Technology Exhibition).

 3. Gsm control robotic arm.

4. Smart card automatic door .

5. Fingerprint authentication system (automatic door opener).

6. SMS/GSM generator starter with SMS facility (start/stop your generator with GSM phone).

7. SMS/GSM home appliances control system.

8. GSM Fan speed regulator (regulate your fan speed with Gsm).

9. Outdoor information display (dot matrix display).

10. Radio frequency identification system (RFID staff attendance system).

11. Home security system (with SMS alert).

12. Smoke detector (with SMS alert).

13. Temperature Fan speed regulator/controller (using room temperature).

14. College/Church Bell (with clock).

15. Electronic Billboard (in filling stations).

16 SMS voting system (coming soon), among other innovations


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