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Meet Prince Nwankwo:

Lecturer:  Department of Computer Engineering (Federal Polytechnic, Oko – Anambra state, Nigeria)

CEO: Prince Tech Global Ventures Ltd

Founder: Prince Technology and Community Development Foundation




Potentially, Nigeria possesses the human and material resources to make it one of the richest states in the African continent and a major player in an increasingly competitive global economy. In a world where one out of every four Africans is a Nigerian; where in fact one out of every eight black persons globally is a Nigerian, it is worth saying that the answer which ‘‘Nigerians goes around the world seeking from Europe to Asia are in the hands of Nigerians themselves, yet they can not see it’’ . Nigerians has more human resources than most developed nations, but has not started to harness them, also since we have failed to define ourselves in the global community, others have stepped in to define us and the picture they are painting, is not pretty.


It is on this premise that I would like to show you the Nigerian educational system in the light of current realities in this 21st century. A careful look on the current state of affairs in Nigeria reveals that we are in a 21st century economy with a 19th century education system. A system whereby much emphasis is still placed on the conventional classroom environment with much reverence for ‘‘academic meal ticket popularly known as certificate’’ for graduates who in most cases are trained to be job seekers as evidenced in the present high unemployment rate in the country. Our institutions of higher learning throughout the country have continued to turn out into the labour market, thousands of job seekers who are ill-prepared to succeed in life. I personally have seen over five thousand graduates (including first class/distinction holders) respond to a job with provision of just eight people.


People turned out of school full of theories, and of all sort of knowledge, but without the ability to succeed, because no where along the line have they been thought success principles, how to come up with a winning business idea, how to start a small business and nurture it to success through apprenticeship with successful small business owners, entrepreneurial skills needed to build a successful business, pitfalls of business failures and how to avoid them, among other tools that would help them discover and achieve their potential(s).



Many students’ desire to live a comfortable life after school, but few makes preparation for the challenges involved. Those in such situations often get disappointed and learn by hard experience that graduating with good grades is not in itself a guarantee of a decent job with a robust pay. There is therefore the need for Nigerians (youths) to embark on a voyage of concerted self development: nurturing of the head, training of the hand and building of the mind. Yes! The facts remain that the government alone can no longer handle the whole problems of unemployment, then the solution to this problem boils down to acquiring one or more skills to fall back on if your dream of getting a well – paying white collar job in oil company, telecommunication company, Central bank, among others has not come to pass.

If you have no other option, you will end up waiting in vain for these companies to advertise for job opening and then hope that you will perform well enough in the pre-employment test to beat other applicants who are even more desperate than you.

But wait a minute; does this not sound like putting all your eggs in one breakable calabash? What will happen if the calabash drops and all your eggs get broken? That will be disastrous indeed.

My sincere advice is that: rather than being from – company – to – company job seeker, you should learn and strive to engage in business ventures to secure financial autonomy, and the best time to start is while in school. Higher education should not be a precondition to economic pursuit; both should be complementary.

Each person has an innate, unique set of talents and super abilities which he/she can monetize with ease. Develop those talents today and stand out as an agent of change (be a solution provider and not a part of the problem to be solved).

The strength of a nation is the power of individual character. America is what it is because of world class entrepreneurs that are there: Bill gate of Microsoft, Steve Job of Apple, Larry Ellison of Oracle, among others.  For every serious minded youth, I will [advise] them to take up to entrepreneurship; we must think outside the white-collar job and look inside. Relying too heavily on the government is not the solution. Everybody is blaming the government, we should stop doing that. We are all responsible for the current situation. YES, every man is the architect of his problem.

I encourage Nigerians (most especially youth and women) to be creative and innovative. Create something out of your passion, and start pushing it forward. Our forefathers were not educated, but they were able to survive because they never relied on education or the government to provide everything for them (as we do today). This made them innovation.

To tackle unemployment, it is about going back to the basics. People need to be innovative, think outside the box. Diversification is the key so that at the end of the day, one can count different means of income.

Considering the ugly, disheartening and pathetic situation in my country (with respect to lack of marketable skills among Nigerians), it became imperative to deploy an entrepreneurial scheme (Prince Tech. Empowerment Scheme) that will help Nigerians think outside the white-collar jobs (which are not forthcoming) and look inside.

This wonderful program from Prince Tech Foundation  (Prince Tech. Empowerment Scheme) is inspiring, spurring and sparking the minds of Nigerians to challenge themselves – to think beyond the current scope and leverage their own talents to better the world around them and be the ambassador of change they want to see tomorrow.

We are directly affecting the next generation of business leaders, Entrepreneurs, and technology professionals by volunteering/offering our time, expertise, knowledge, skills, talents and passions for; Business, Entrepreneurship, Science and Technology (BEST fields).

We are making the greatest impact in the lives of Nigerians (youth and women) by; offering them the chance to engage in hands-on projects, igniting, spurring and sparking their minds towards crossing barriers and daring on to achieve outstanding feats in their various endeavours in life!



For over 12 years, Prince Technology and Community Development Foundation (Prince Tech Foundation) has focused on empowering over 25, 000 youths, men, women and physical challenged persons with life changing projects and skills that let them discover their own potential and bring about the needed transformation in our society.


‘‘ A man that achieved everything he planned for the day before 12 noon, has not planned enough for the day’’ – Prince Nwankwo!


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