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Prince Tech. Sustainable and Innovative Energy solutions (Powered by Prince Tech. Foundation)

Prince Tech. Sustainable and Innovative Energy solutions (Powered by Prince Tech. Foundation)


(Chief Executive: Prince Tech. Foundation)

Power challenge in Africa

energy and power1

power and energy


inno2Prince tech. foundation: determined, committed and working hard (for the past 12 year) in helping the federal government alleviate poverty in Nigeria

‘‘I can not change you neither can you change me; but together we can synergy to make Nigeria (Africa) a better place and one of the best continents in the world’’ – Prince

‘‘Although one tree cannot make a forest, but one tree can start a forest; I stand out today as that tree that will start this forest in Africa and encourage other youths of African countries to join me in this great task, for our case is urgent’’ – Prince

‘‘My uncanny knack to work until my work works, my weird ability to turn ideas into projects and projects into serial success by uniting a team around a vision and motivating them to excellence had helped me drive my objectives to the end point of result’’ – Prince

“Any entrepreneur that dreams to be successful must have four eyes; two eyes for seeing what an ordinary person could see, and the other two eyes for locating boundless business opportunities that scattered along life’s highways, which may not be noticeable to an ordinary person” – Prince.

 We pledge to take action, we commit to apply our passions; talents, ideas, skills, and robust entrepreneurial culture to address issues relating to climate change, and dramatically eliminate the number of deaths in Nigeria (about 8 to 10 people every week) as a result of anthropogenic green house gas emission into the atmosphere from the over 60 million generators in my country, at the ratio of one per household of 2.5 people with annual spending of over N1.6 trillion; with Prince Tech. green energy solutions/innovations.


Why Prince Fuel-Less Generator

The climate is changing, the globe is warming, icebergs melting, the earth is cracking, the sun is scorching, the ozone layer is depleting, all because of the anthropogenic green house gas emission into the atmosphere.

Energy is the lifeblood of the modern world. It is also a paramount importance for a modern industrialized economy. According to the Energy Information Administration, global energy consumption is expected to grow by about 70% in the coming 25 years. The combination of increased energy demand and declining petroleum supply can be a threat to political stability and is likely to lead to a shift towards coal and non-conventional oil. This will further increase carbon monoxide emissions and thus accelerate global warming and life-altering regional climate changes.


The direct link between the energy consumption and the economic output of Nigeria makes it critical that we fix our power issues. Each day we ignore this energy crisis, we elongate our ability to catch up with the rest of the world. Tasks like growing a business, healthy lifestyles, and day to day societal activities become painstaking when access to electricity is a concern. Africa currently represents almost 15 per cent of the world’s population and unfortunately produces less than 3.6 per cent of the world’s economic output. We cannot depend on fossil fuel generators as our primary energy source or the energy source of our future. For every year that we wait, for every hour that we stall fixing our energy crisis, we set the country on a course that will be irreversible.


The Power challenge in Nigeria and how we are tackling the challenge in an innovative way:

The state of things in Nigeria (Energy Sector):

Most mega manufacturing industries in Nigeria have closed or are operating far below production capacity, small and medium scale entrepreneurship which is one of the major ingredients to stimulate wide spread growth in the economy, is being choked by lack of affordable power supply. The implication on the economy cannot be over exaggerated as it is taking its toll in various circle of the economy. Service and product providers are forced to charge higher to meet the high cost of production. This leads to gradual loss of patronage resulting, in multiple loss and eventual closure of business. The end product is massive job losses and hardship in the country. Nigerian manufacturers, small scale businesses and families spend an average of N3.5 trillion yearly to power their generating sets with diesel and petrol due to unstable supply of electricity. Statistics from the  Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) showed that it spends about N800 billion to power its industrial generating sets to remain afloat, while other small scale private businesses, banks and traders in various markets across the country spend over N2 trillion fuelling their  generators to have power. In the banking sector, each branch spends over N2 million on diesels in a month.

Pandemic, Endemic, Epidemic and Epileptic power supply has posed incalculable hardship to Nigerians. Nigeria has become a dumping ground for all manner of sub-standard generating sets, apart from being one of the highest importers of generating sets in the world to  the tune  of  N17.9 billion  annually. These generators pollutes our environment and causes; climate change, global warming, melting of icebergs, ozone layer depletion, among other negative effects.


Narrating his personal experience in Nigeria as an industrialist which according to him was at variance with his experience in China, Mbisiogu said: “To keep my Shanghai Engineering Construction Works and Industry Limited working effectively in Nigeria, I have to spend N30 million on generators alone which consume over N2 million worth of diesel every month, apart from its maintenance cost.

In 2012, the people of Ebonyi State (Nigeria) woke up to a tragedy that left seven family members dead as a result of carbon monoxide from fossil fuel generating set. A few days later, Urum in Awka North local government area of Anambra State (Nigeria) was thrown into confusion with the death of four persons, including a 95 –year old man in their rooms as a result of fumes from a generating set. Reports of death through generator related accidents have indeed become a daily staple in Nigeria.

How we are tackling the challenge in an innovative way:

Every nation in the world aspires to be great and Nigeria is not left out of this great vision. Vision 20:2020 is an economic blueprint to catapult Nigeria from where they are to the league of best 20 economies in the world by the year 2020. With vision 20:2020 being only 5 years away, the vision will definitely remain a tall order and a mirage considering the power challenge ravaging the country.

Quote me: ‘‘no adequate power supply in Nigeria, no vision 2050’’

It is a truism that no nation can be classified as developed without adequate supply of infrastructural facilities aided by adequate supply of electricity and this is accountable for our slow pace of development. It is disheartening that Nigeria with her teeming population of over 160 million has a total installed capacity of less than 4000 megawatts which is well below what is being consumed and generated by a city like Dallas in United States (which implies that every Nigerian is entitled to only about 25watts of electricity per hour). As a result of that; most households and businesses have resorted to private fossil fuel generating sets as their main supply and PHCN as secondary (instead of the other way round). This has resulted to economic, social and environmental problems.

Economically: It has led to the increase in cost of production which has resulted to over 19% increase in the cost of goods and services.

Socially: It has led to increase in inadequate water supply and lack of good health care services as hospitals can no longer preserve drugs.

Environmentally: Fossil fuel is the major source of anthropogenic green house gas emission responsible for global warming, acid rain, climate change and ozone layer depletion.


With all these problems, it became imperative to deploy sustainable and innovative energy solutions in order to achieve positive contribution in the development and economic enhancement of consumers and businesses in global scale.

Motivated to take action, determined to rebuild; restore and achieve our nation’s liberation and social emancipation, and also provoked by such atrocious observation, I brainstormed for over six months and launched the concept of the Prince Tech. Sustainable and Innovative Energy solutions.

To tackle power challenge in Nigeria (Africa), we developed a two objective models;

 • To improve the quality of life and standard of living of my target audience by providing them with a clean, affordable, sustainable and innovative energy solutions.

 •  To empower Nigerian unemployed graduates and science inclined persons (free) on the procedure and specification of fabricating my energy solutions; to enable them fabricate for other members of the society, thus; engaging the youths positively, addressing long-term unemployment, and other global challenges.

Importance of my Intervention:

  • Nigerians now save’s an average of $10 daily on fossil fuel to power their homes/businesses, thus; improving their standard of living and saving our immediate environment.
  • Currently; over 1800 Prince Self – Powered Generator and other energy solutions had been fabricated, designed and installed with zero expenditure on fossil fuel.
  • over 70 Nigerians had been empowered on the procedure of fabricating my energy solutions, which over 14 of them currently makes over $170 weekly, thus; tackling long-term unemployment ravaging the country.
  • Izundu’s barbing salon (one of our customers) who before now; spends over $9 daily to power his barbing salon (to remain afloat); now has zero expenditure on fossil fuel resulting to over 20% decrease in cost of services and 70% increase in customers.

For the past twelve years, Prince Tech. Foundation had focused on empowering over 25, 000 Nigerians; youths, artisans, entrepreneurs, science scholars, and physical challenged persons with life changing projects and skills that let them discover their own potential and prosper in an increasingly competitive global economy; while tackling long-term unemployment, and other big challenges of the world. 

With total commitment to our vision statement, we aim to empower over 200,000 Nigerians before the end of the year 2020. We aim to make the greatest impact in Africa by building a prestigious network of over 10 million  Young African leaders who will be at the forefront of change and innovation in their respective sectors – We know that it’s not going to be an easy task; but we have the persistence to do what it takes to achieve the results we seek.



Propane powered generator (using your home cooking gas to power generator)



Prince Biogas Digester (using human or animal waste to produce methane gas: under Anaerobic condition )

‘‘Every person and community I empower lives to attain their potential’’ – Prince

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