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In every labour

In every labour


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For a man to achieve success in life, that man must be a master of time and circumstances, learning how to start ventures, and keeping them moving on without regrets when the time comes, believing the event and circumstance are but shadows on the screen of time and space, balancing of order and harmony in life and breaking through the psychological barriers with disciplined will and the principle of inclusion.

It does not matter if you have been enduring life instead of enjoying it; neither does it count the present situation you are passing through, or the number of times that you have failed. I came with a mandate, to announce to you (through this book) that your present situation or status cannot hinder you from being great in life, because what lies behind you and what lies before you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you.

A will to succeed is the only thing that is required of you. And a will to succeed is a resolute determination. It is a burning desire to attain your dream goal(s). A burning desire is not an ordinary desire or idle wish; it is enthusiastic faith in the attainment of a goal.

The inspiration of this book came to me many years ago for my quest to find out why people fail in life. I read different motivational and inspirational books. I carried out series of interviews with; rich, poor, educated and uneducated people. I spent most of my personal time trying to provide an answer; why do people fail in life.

Through this knowledge I decided to carry it over throughout the world (using this book as a medium) to both men and women who without these secrets; might miss their flight to the world of no limit. This book will also serve as your road-map for successful living as you journey down the road of life, bearing in mind that; without a road-map, life can be compared to a broken winged bird that cannot fly.


Grab your own copy now!

Remember: Your success in life is not an option; it is a must!

Read and be inspired!

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