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GRACE FARM (A division of Prince Technology & Community Development Foundation – PTCDF)

GRACE FARM (A division of Prince Technology & Community Development Foundation – PTCDF)

GRACE PIG FARM (A division of Prince Technology and Community Development Foundation – PTCDF)

Pig Farming also known as piggery is another aspect of farming in Nigeria that is making smart investors and entrepreneurs huge money on daily basis. Venturing into Pig Farming is like break-up with Poverty; because Pork meat is in high demand in Nigeria and sells very fast in the market. Another reason is that Pig reproduces in large number and grows very fast. A single pig gives birth to as much as 15 piglets at a time, making it one of the most reproducing livestock in the world…Baby pig is known as shoat, or piglet. Male pig is referred to as the Boar, while female is sow. As a group they are called a herd or drove…!!

Question: how long does a pig stay pregnant & when will she be ready to have another little?

The gestation (pregnancy) period of the female pig is 114 days (less than 4 months). She will be ready for another breeding around 5-7 days after piglets are weaned (removed from nursing). Thus, if you wean the piglets at 21 days of age, she will come into estrus (heat) around 26-28 days after farrowing (giving birth)…Wow.. Meaning that it can give birth twice in 9 months and few days (less than 10 months)

Despite the huge profit of Piggery, many Nigerian are still overlooking this gold-mine because of ignorance of how it works. While some don’t just get the fact that it is a big business. The business is not time demanding, you can do it part-time or full-time..!!

A fully grown Pig goes for as high as N50,000 (and above) depending on the weight. Now Imagine for a year you are able to rear 100 to maturity, you will be making upward of N5 Million from the sales. If you can take it higher – lets say like 200 pigs in a year, you will be making upward of N10 Million. Considering how fast pigs reproduces, it wouldn’t be a very much big deal to come up with 100 or 200 pigs in a year…!!We started with 21 Pigs. Today we have over 150 pigs/piglets. “We are smiling to the Bank almost every week”. Eight of our Pigs gave birth in December 2019 (between 22nd – 30th); over 50 piglets. If we decide to sell all at the rate of N10, 000 (each) after three weeks, we will be smiling to the Bank with N500,000.00 (half a million).

About: Prince Technology and Community Development Foundation Agric. section:

Prince Technology and Community Development Foundation Agric. section is dedicated to reducing hunger and ensuring food security in rural communities across Nigeria.
We use self-reliance as a strategy in achieving sustainable community development. We believe that to ensure an effective community development, self-reliance must be strategically situated within the framework of sustainable community development efforts. To achieve our aim, we use various concepts like mutual-help, self-help, participation of the indigenous people and rural progress. Our foundation encourages farmers to use local initiatives, while also ensuring they adopt technologies that enhance their abilities and improve their capacities resulting in increased in productivity and improvement of living standards.
Prince Technology and Community Development Foundation strives to discover the potentials of rural farmers and look for innovative ways to harness and develop discovered potentials which we use as sources of wealth for the development of rural communities.  We motivate, mobilize and empower local farmers to be self-reliant by providing them with seedlings, agro-chemicals, improved high yielding breeds of livestock and veterinary services. We also train farmers in sustainability practices that will increase farm productivity, output and income. All these efforts have enabled us to help farmers in over 100 communities to create more sustainable fields, increase their income and investments. And address food security.

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Website: www.princetechfoundation.com

Prince Nwankwo (Amb.) is a Young Entrepreneur and a Business Developer with over 60 Business ideas..!!!

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