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Waste Management and Sustainable Land Management
Waste Management towards Sustainable Land Management & Development in Nigeria

Waste Management towards Sustainable Land Management & Development in Nigeria

Waste Management towards Sustainable Land Management & Development in Nigeria

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Nigeria is facing the problems of inappropriate solid waste disposal and management. In our urban and rural areas, waste is gradually taking over most strategic positions of our cities and making them environmentally unfriendly.

In recent years, indiscriminate disposal of waste has occupied large areas within our vicinities especially in our busy streets and city corners, which causes nuisance to the society. This indiscriminate act of refuse dumping is also done in places like riverbanks, ponds and lakes within our urban and rural communities which degrade the land; pollutes the water, air and pave way for nesting of various kinds of diseases like cholera, typhoid and other types of waterborne diseases that are harmful to human beings.



The inhabitation of these refuse along the road which results to traffic congestion, unsightliness, unpleasantness and blockage of drainages therefore calls for efficient waste management practice in Nigeria.

The advocacy by different government and private agencies to explore the economic viability of waste in the country as a means of sustaining the country and improving the economy and health of the nation has been ongoing and yet much has not been done about the issue. What we have is rather an issue of collecting waste from one location to another without putting it to good use as proposed by all. In most society, there is an approach in solid waste management with shift from just collection and disposal to making viable use of such hitherto waste by creating it to wealth. Land2
Experts are of the view that proper waste management will be of benefits to the economy, that is to improve the economic efficiency and provision of jobs.  Social benefits by reducing the adverse impact on health and for environment benefits, proper waste management will eliminate adverse impact on the environment through reducing, reusing and recycling.

The questions are; 

  1. If not us, who?
  2. If not now, when?

Motivated to take action, provoked by such atrocious observation, and determined to invest in sustainable land management, we are exploring the economic opportunity in sustainable land management (waste recycling) to sustain our land, increase Gross Domestic Product (GDP), reduce the menace of unemployment that is bedeviling our labour force, and to live in clean and healthy environment.


The campaign was inspired by the idea of working with young people in Nigeria, local stakeholders and recycling companies in Nigeria to foster groundbreaking solutions in sustainable land management (for the benefit of all). These efforts have eliminated over 10 metric tons of waste from our immediate environment, and crated over 20 new jobs for Nigerians in a space of 5 years. The recycled materials are used to produce nylon, which we sold to nylon marketers; for income generation and sustainability of the project.


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