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BEST Centre of Excellence (Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship, Science & Technological Advancements)

BEST Centre of Excellence (Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship, Science & Technological Advancements)


Business, Entrepreneurship, Science & Technological Advancements

(Centre for Youth Development, Entrepreneurship, Skills Acquisition, & Technology Advancement)

”We cannot continue to aimlessly wait for the Federal government to create jobs for our youth and tackle unemployment, for every hour that we wait, we set the country on a course that will be irreversible” – Prince Nwankwo!!

 “The land given to us to cultivate is yet vacant; it means no work has been done, it means we have not started” – Prince Nwankwo!

Then the questions are?

If not us, who? and If not now, when?

Motivated to take action, provoked by such atrocious observation, and determine to rebuild, restore and achieve our Nation’s liberation and social emancipation; our team swung into action and conceptualize the idea of the BEST Centre of Excellence in the South-East (Nigeria); geared towards empowering; youth, women, artisans and small business owners in Nigeria to; leverage their own talents, better the world around them and bring about the needed transformation in our generation.


The Vocational Skills Development centre (BEST centre of Excellence) is one of the strategies/programmes created by Prince Technology and Community Development Foundationprimarily concerned with bequeathing productive, functional and marketable skills to youth, women, artisans and small business owners in the South-East (Nigeria). These skills acquisition intervention, introduced as a novel approach in combating mass unemployment has remained a veritable tool since over a decade now. The programme involves the use of our skills acquisition training centre(s) as well as informal sector operators such as master crafts-men and women as training outlets for Nigerians.

Now we are set to take our idea to the next level (BEST Centre of Excellence) – to make a lasting contribution and impact in the lives of those we serve, by providing the platform and a fertile environment for Nigerians to; cross-fertilize with our term of experts/specialists, think beyond the current scope, and leverage their own talents to better the world around them.

Project Summary:  

  • The BEST Centre of Excellence will provide an integrated set of services to ignite, spur and spark the minds of Nigerians to; generate new and marketable ideas for economic growth, develop their start-ups into an existing investment prospect and foster ground-breaking solutions to fuel African innovative ecosystem.
  • The Centre’s programs will include a number of private-public partnerships focused on building capacity in; business and leadership training, professional development, mentoring, networking,  and the recognition of outstanding efforts in BEST fields: Business, Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology , thus; rewriting African story using BEST approach.
  • Through the Centre’s programs; young leaders, trailblazers, inventors, entrepreneurs, artisans, and small business owners in the South-East (Nigeria); in particular underrepresented groups, such as women and youth; will gain access to networks and training they need to stimulate creative thinking, grow their ideas, incubate their projects, develop their start-ups, and bring about the needed transformation in our societies (Nigeria).
  • The Centre will provide a fertile environment for entrepreneurs, innovators, trailblazers, funding bodies and business development service providers to; cross – fertilize, exchange ideas and explore innovative business opportunities.
  • The centre will provide the platform to sensitize, motivate and spur the minds of young science students and scholars to becoming practical oriented and much more innovative; thereby driving technological advancement in Nigeria (Africa) to the end point of result.
    The BEST Centre of Excellence will house the following 10 departments (to effectively empower our target audience):

    • Energy Solutions (Solar energy, etc).
    • Practical Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (PESBM Department): Production of Essential commodities; Disinfectants, Liquid Bleach, Oil and emulsion paint, Air Freshener, Shoe Police, Bag, Purse, flower vase, slippers, sandals, etc.
    • Fabrication and Welding.
    • Electrical Installation and House Wiring.
    • Concreting (tiling, interlocking stones, etc).
    • Bakery and event decoration.
    • Tailoring and fashion designing.
    • Computer and Electronic system designs/maintenance (GSM, computer, TV, etc).
    • Farm management (poultry, fish, etc).
    • Furniture and Upholstery making.

    An emphasis will be given not just on the hands-on aspect of the projects, but also on the ‘‘big picture’’. The volunteers will explain the simple underlying laws that govern each discipline to the people. We have purposefully developed these departments while considering several factors of sustainability (for the future).

Projected future impact:

Within the space of Five (5) years; we aim to build a prestigious network of over 5 million young African Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, and Technologist who will rewrite the Africa story using ”BEST Approach”.

  • Expand Power Access in Nigeria: Providing sustainable and Innovative energy solutions to address power challenge in the South-East region (Nigeria).
  • Empower African Women in Technology.
  • Leveraging Science and Technology to Advance Literacy in the South-East (Nigeria).
  • Support Higher Education for Disadvantaged Youth.
  • Help the Federal Government alleviate poverty in Nigeria by tackling unemployment and lack of marketable skills among youth.
    Justification:Poverty, unemployment, corruption, robbery, kidnapping, terrorism, etc are increasing everyday, 7 to 9 % are estimated to be victims annually. The situation is pathetic because the youth are affected the most. Different institutions of higher learning across the country have continued to turn out into the labour market, thousands of job seekers who roam the streets in search of non- existing jobs. Any research, programme or initiative that will assist in reducing these deadly diseases will undoubtedly  be commended and  appreciated. The Vocational skills development programme – BEST centre of excellence is one of such programmes created to provoke new ideas and mark a “quantum leap” forward in the fight against unemployment and lack of marketable skills among youths. Indubitably, the BEST centre of excellence will create great opportunities for Nigerians to “hone” their skills, develop their talents, contribute meaningfully to the development of the society, and be the ambassador of change they want to see tomorrow.
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS: The largest and most important component of the BEST Centre of Excellence (Best Outreach project) is the hands-on projects we will provide for the people of South-East (Nigeria). We will create several projects to demonstrate various Business, Entrepreneurship, Science and Technology (BEST) fields.

Strategy of the BEST centre of Excellence:

The strategic capability of the centre is based on one foundation, four pillars and one overarching set of core values.

[1] The foundation:

  • Prince Tech. Foundation Team (PTFT): we have impressive accomplishment, fine character and known for Technological Innovations, Facilitating Change, Empowering People and Enabling Progress. We work with a wide range of partners across Business, Entrepreneurship, Science, and Technology (BEST fields), and are backed by a ”think tank” of renowned experts and specialists. To drive the objectives of the project to the end point of result, we will deploy the services of;

– Higher Education Lectures (Facilitators) and Some student groups (Volunteers).

–  Global Network of Influential Leaders and Talented Fellows (GNILTF).

[2] The four pillars are our Centres of Excellence:

  • The Centre for Business Management and Leadership (CBML).
  • The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, Skills Acquisition and Performance Enhancement (CESSAPE).
  • The Centre for Science and Research (CSR).
  • The Centre for Technological Innovations and Productivity (CTIP).

[3] Our overarching set of core values:

“Excellence, Ethics in Business and Technological Innovations”.


The BEST centre of Excellence will generate funds by selling its products. The centre’s poultry farm, fish farm, professional training programmes and consultancy services (for organizations and institutions) will be one of the sustainability measures to keep the project (centre) afloat. We also aim to go into mass production of; iron gates, technological innovations, interlocking stones, blocks, furniture and upholstery, custard food, disinfectants, among other essential commodities products. The money realized from these products/services will be used to develop, expand and keep the centre in full operation. We aim to build the BEST Centre of Excellence across all the Geo-political zones of the country, before the year 2030 – to maximize the impact of the project on our target audience!

What We Need to Achieve the Results we seek:

BEST centre of Excellence is a mega project from Prince Technology and Community Development Foundation; to improve the quality of lives and the standard of living of the people of South-East (Nigerians) by availing them with marketable skills to create a sustainable livelihood, while engender a robust entrepreneurial culture to establish platforms for financial freedom and poverty alleviation.

Considering the huge amount of money involve for building and equipping the centre, there is no way we can do the job along. So we are looking for financial assistance (help) from; Nigerians in Diaspora, International organizations, Philanthropists, and NGOs to build the centre and launch the project.


Service Payment Or Donation
Other Amount:


Every crisis creates opportunity; every struggle offers the chance to rediscover. Everything we do at Prince Tech. Foundation  is born from the ability to see potential where others see none.




We are passionate about seeking new perspectives, addressing long-term unemployment and lack of marketable skills among youth, thus; the need for the people of South-East (Nigerians) to embark on a voyage of concerted self development and discovery: nurturing of the head, training of the hand and building of the mind.


Sponsoring or partnering with us for this intervention (BEST Centre of Excellence) form Prince Tech. Foundation will help us pursue our goals to; create massive employment in the South-East region (Nigeria), improve the competency and reliability of artisans and small business owners in the region (country), therefore marking a “quantum leap” forward that will bring about the needed transformation in our generation. We have developed a well detailed proposal for this intervention (BEST Centre of Excellence), and we will not hesitate to forward it to you ”on request” (see contacts below).

For over 10 years, Prince Tech. Foundation has focused on empowering over 25, 000 youth, men, women, artisans, small business owners, and physical challenged persons with life changing skills that let them discover their own potential and bring about the needed transformation in our society.


  •  ‘‘Any entrepreneur that dreams to be successful must have four eyes; two eyes for seeing what an ordinary person could see, and the other two eyes for locating boundless business opportunities that scattered along life’s highway, which may not be noticeable to an ordinary person’’- Prince Nwankwo!

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