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MEET Prince Nwankwo:

MEET Prince Nwankwo:

Prince Nwankwo:



CEO: Prince Tech Global Ventures LTD

Founder: Prince Technology and Community Development Foundation

“I pledge to leave Africa a better place than I met it” – Prince!

A young Entrepreneur and Inventor with total commitment in helping the Federal government alleviate poverty in Nigeria!

Brief Bio: Prince Nwankwo

Prince has over ten years extensive experience in the non-profit sector, and earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Anambra state, Nigeria. As a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Engineering; Federal Polytechnic Oko in Nigeria, he designed the most innovative project in 2012 National Science and Technology Exhibition. Prince is currently having an understanding with Nigerians in Diaspora and Nigerian Government for the establishment of BEST Centre of Excellence: Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship, Science and Technological Advancement; across the Federation, to provide marketable skills to over 40 million people in Nigeria and create over 20 million new jobs for youth and women within the next ten years. For the past eight years, Prince has continued to be a champion of holistic transformation in environmental sustainability, waste management, and clean energy access to serve rural dwellers in Nigeria. These efforts have seen over 160kwatts of Solar Energy installed in Nigeria for homes and businesses, over 50 metric tons of waste recycled, and over 120 new jobs created for young people along the value chain. Prince has empowered over 25,000 Nigerians with marketable skills to bring about the needed transformation in our generation, and provided free water schemes in his locality    to address water challenge. Since becoming YALI ambassador and Green Champion in 2015, Prince has taken fifteen short courses on; design driven entrepreneurship, workforce collaboration and development, servant leadership, community organization for action, fund raising concepts, among others. Through these experiences, he developed strong leadership skills, robust entrepreneurial culture, high ethical capabilities, decision-making skills, workflow analysis and management, workforce collaboration, and ability to lead. Prince is passionate about advancing energy access in Africa, education, business entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and youth empowerment. He pledged to leave Africa a better place than he met it.


Prince Tech


Prince is a high-performing and strategic-thinking professional with over 5 years higher education; lecturing, mentoring and professional development; and over 10 years extensive experience in handing community development based projects, managing operational activities of different institutions and organizations and leading them to outperform in their sector with effective utilization of his strong leadership skills, robust entrepreneurial culture, resource mobilization skills, managerial skills, strong interpersonal skills, planning and goal setting skills, and high ethical capabilities. Prince is a new face of positive change in Africa, and an expert in turning ideas into projects and projects into serial success by uniting a team around a vision and motivating them to excellence. He consistently innovate to create sustainable solutions using BEST approach (Business, Entrepreneurship, Science and Technology).

Although we may not claim perfection at this stage; but we can boldly claim progress!




Who we are and what we do:

Prince Technology and Community Development Foundation is a community of academic and business leaders committed to investing in a new generation of young African leaders who are shaping the continent’s future; while alleviating poverty and reducing hunger in Africa. We provide cutting-edge ideas, tools, information, mentoring, professional development, and technological innovations to inspire, stimulate, spur, and spark the minds of the next generation of African leaders to be distinct and establish outstanding businesses and innovations that can compete globally.We initiate programs that help artisans, small scale industries, and small business owners develop their start-ups into an existing investment prospect; and we are backed by “think tank” of renowned experts and specialists.

We have directly empowered over 25,000 Nigerians to make a difference in their communities and  bring the needed transformation in our generation. We have succeeded in making our target audience understand that country of residence does not change someone’s nature, thus; does not play as much role in success as discovering the talent within and matching it with the opportunities outside. This has helped them discover their own potential and prosper in an increasingly competitive global economy and open trading system, thus; contributing to the growth and development of Africa (world at large).

The poor lack sleep due to lack of basic amenities, the rich lack sleep because the poor are awake; but at Prince Technology and Community Development Foundation, we lack sleep because we are in search of sustainable and innovative solutions to address; Power challenge, climate change, water challenge, long – term unemployment, lack of marketable skills among our youth, alleviate poverty and reduce hunger in Africa; and Yes, We Can! Because we have the persistence to do what it takes to achieve the results we seek!

Based on our strategic capability and core values, we have defined our mission statement in order to communicate to all our stakeholders “who we are and what we do”.

Our mission statement is:

To be the BEST: Business, Entrepreneurship, Science and Technology; centre of Excellence and a leading non- governmental organization in Africa committed to; investing in a new generation of young Africans (youth and women) to pursue education careers in BEST fields and providing equal opportunities for all.

Our vision statement is:

To become the preferred international Business and Technological Innovation centre in Africa and a catalyst for the development of leaders who are rewriting African story using BEST approach, and creating a better world through Business and Technological Innovations.


Together we pledge to take action. Together we commit to apply our passions, talents and ideas to impact as many lives as we can in Africa. Not to hand out help to people in need, but to work side-by-side with them to create opportunity. That is why; every person and community we touch is empowered to live up to their full potential.

Our Courage/Believe:

The willingness to try, fail and learn on the journey toward creating something new (providing sustainable and innovative solutions to those I serve) is just as critical as the passion to succeed.


Power challenge in AfricaSummary of what we do:

  1. Providing sustainable/innovative energy solutions to address Power challenge in Africa: Rural Off-grid Energy Access across Africa.
  2. Providing clean and free water for communities to address water challenge.
  3. Empowering young science students and scholars to be practical oriented and much more innovative; geared towards driving technological innovations in Africa to the end point of result.
  4. Empowering Prisoners with lucrative and marketable skills to solve the problem of recidivism.
  5. Empowering Nigerian undergraduates with marketable skills that would enable them create job(s) instead of aimlessly waiting for white collar jobs which are not forthcoming.
  6. Empowering artisans and small business owners in Nigeria to increase efficiency and product acceptability.
  7. Recycling of waste to ensure cleaner environment; while creating employment for youth/women and expanding our capital base.
  8. Most importantly; building a prestigious network of Young African Leaders who are at the forefront of change and Innovation in their respective sectors.

For the past ten (10) years, Prince has focused on empowering over 25, 000 Nigerians; youth/women, artisans, entrepreneurs, science scholars, and physical challenged persons with life changing projects and skills that let them discover their own potential and prosper in an increasingly competitive global economy; while alleviating poverty in Nigeria, tackling power challenge, addressing long-term unemployment, and solving other big problems facing the region (Africa).

With total commitment to our vision statement, we aim to empower over 200,000 Nigerians before the end of the year 2025. We aim to make the greatest impact in Africa by building a prestigious network of over 100 million Young African leaders and trailblazers who are at the forefront of change and innovation in their respective sectors! – We know that it is not going to be an easy task; but we have the persistence to do what it takes to achieve the results we seek. 




  1. Design and Implementation of Microcontroller Based Short Message Service (SMS) Control System (International Conference, London, UK) 2013.
  2. Design and Implementation of Short Message Service (SMS) Banking System (International Conference, Hong Kong, China) 2012.
  3. Design and Implementation of Microcontroller Based Security Door System, Using Mobile Phone & Computer Set (International Conference, Hong Kong, China) 2012.
  4. Fabrication and Atomic Layer Deposition of Nano – Structured Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications (International Conference, India) 2012.
  5. Design and Implementation of Microcontroller based Security Door System using Fingerprint Recognition Technology (International Journal) 2014.
  6. Design & Implementation of Microcontroller Based Metal Detector with Automatic SMS and Call Facility (International Journal) 2013.
  7. Design and Implementation of Microcontroller Based Automatic Fan Speed Regulator, using temperature sensor (International Journal) 2013.
  8. Real – World Applications of Neural Network (International Conference, India) 2011.
  9. Application of Fuzzy Logic Control in Design and Implementation of Digital Egg Incubator (International Conference, India) 2011, among others.


  1. American Association for Science and Technology (AASCIT).
  2. International Association of Computer Science & Information Technology (IACSIT).
  3. International Association of Engineers (IAENG).
  4. Universal Association of Computer & Electronics Engineers (USCEE).




  1. Prince Self-Powered generator (a generator that does not run on fossil fuel).
  2. Hydro – Plant.
  3. SMS/GSM control Truck (the most innovative project in 2012 national science & technology exhibition).
  4. Gsm control robotic arm.
  5. Smart card automatic door opener.
  6. Fingerprint authentication system (automatic door opener).
  7. SMS/GSM generator starter (start/stop your generator with GSM phone).
  8. SMS/GSM home appliances control system.
  9. GSM Fan speed regulator (regulate your fan speed with Gsm).
  10. Outdoor information display (dot matrix display).
  11. Radio frequency identification system (RFID staff attendance system).
  12. Home security system (with SMS alert).
  13. Smoke detector (with SMS alert).
  14. Temperature Fan speed regulator/controller (using room temperature).
  15. College/Church Bell (with clock).
  16. Electronic Billboard (in filling stations).
  17. SMS voting system (coming soon), among other innovations.

Contact:  +2348063572001.

E – mail: princetechfoundation@yahoo.com

Website:- http://princetechfoundation.com/




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