Given the current economic challenges facing many countries across the globe, the notion of engendering greater entrepreneurial activity has become a prominent goal for many National governments. The relevance of entrepreneurship to economic development has been highlighted by many researchers and it is now well-recognised that education and training opportunities play a key role in cultivating future entrepreneurs and in developing the abilities of existing entrepreneurs to grow their business to greater level of success. A careful look at the current state of affairs in Nigeria reveals that we are in a 21st century economy with 19th century education system. A system whereby much emphasis is still placed on the conventional classroom environment with much reverence for certificate for graduates who in most cases are trained to be job seekers as evidenced in the present high unemployment rate in the country. Also, it is exciting to know that artisans and small business owners makes up over 75% of the manufacturing system in Nigeria, but yet; is given less relevance due to their informal unreliability and incompetent status. The neglect of this important but unorganized group is responsible for most of the basic technical challenges in our environment, and has resulted to a decline in efficiency. There is a great and urgent need to supplement academic certificate with marketable skills and knowledge to enable people create jobs and employment for themselves and others instead of ‘‘aimlessly waiting for white collar jobs’’ which are not forthcoming. Our intervention: Free Monthly Breakfast and Business Meeting (Who wants to be an Entrepreneur?) will provide integrated sets of services to spur and spark the minds of Nigerians towards crossing barriers and daring on to create outstanding businesses that can compete globally. We will provide Vocational skill training, professional development, internship opportunities, management and leadership skills, mentorship, coaching, and start-up capital for inventors and entrepreneurs who run impact-oriented organizations and social enterprises. Participants will attend the Breakfast and Business meeting at no cost (free), enjoy complimentary coffee and breakfast, among other benefits. Our target audience (small business owners, artisans, undergraduates, and unemployed graduates) will have the opportunity to network with business leaders, experienced entrepreneurs, inventors, economic development experts, young world changers, trailblazers, and potential investors. Our Breakfast and Business meeting will be a huge success for two key reasons. Firstly, attendees will enjoy complimentary coffee and breakfast (eat their business challenges for breakfast free). Secondly, numerous studies suggest that early mornings are when the majority of people are most alert and productive. With total commitment to our vision statement, we pledge to build a prestigious network and a community of over 5 million young Nigerian business leaders and develop over 10,000 new start-ups into an existing investment prospect before the year 2025. Our Free Monthly Breakfast and Business Meeting (Who wants to be an Entrepreneur?) will be our own little contribution towards helping the Federal government alleviate poverty in Nigeria.

Although one tree cannot make a forest, but I strongly belief that one tree can start a forest…!!!

But the questions are, If not us, who? If not now, when?…..!!!


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